Voduz Spectrum 4 in 1 Curling Tong

The Voduz Spectrum 4 in 1 Curling Tong is the perfect tool for the indecisive among us. Offering 4 different interchangeable barrels, the 'Spectrum' of curls and creation really is in the palm of your hand.

Product Features:

Temperature Control- Digital LCD Temperature Display with a range from 80-230 Degrees to suit all hair types.

Tourmaline Ceramic Barrels- Evenly Distribute the heat across the hair and seals cuticle for a frizz free, long lasting result.

4 Variation of Barrels:

  • 32mm for Large and Voluminous Curls,
  • 25mm for Smaller, Fuller Curls,
  • 25mm Bead for Tight Springy Curls,
  • 13-25mm for Textured Curls and Boho Waves.