• Skingredients Cleanse Off Mitt 4 Pack
  • Skingredients Cleanse Off Mitt 4 Pack

Skingredients Cleanse Off Mitt 4 Pack

The Cleanse Off Mitt is your microfibre pre-cleaning + makeup removal tool that'll make quick work of lifting away the makeup, SPF, oil + pollution that's settled on your skin throughout the day. Your lashes? It loves 'em - your COM will remove stubborn mascara + keep your false-lashes looking fluttery + fresh. You can also take your COM in the shower to scrub-a-dub-dub your skin all over!

These aren't normal cleanse off mitts, oh no! This 4-pack contains Skingredients skin-loving mitt in the 4 Key4 colours - 01 Purple, 02 Green, 03 Red and 04 Orange - to match your hero Skingredients products. That means you'll always have a clean COM on the go!

The Cleanse Off Mitt is designed to remove all traces of makeup prior to cleansing and can additionally easily remove all remnants of your cleanser. Place your hand in the mitt, douse in warm water and remove all makeup, oil + debris from your face. It's easy-peasy, super skin-friendly and helps to reduce single-use products in your beauty routine.

  • Recommended to replace your Cleanse Off Mitt after 3 months of use (but it will last much longer if you take care of it & follow cleaning instructions)
  • Suitable for ALL skin types even very, very, very sensitive skin types
  • Suitable for ALL ages + gender (including babies)
  • Ideal for travels, gym session and festivals
  • Made from polyester: a synthetic fibre that uses much less water + has less of an impact on the environment in which it's made, compared to Bamboo + Cotton
  • £20.00