• Declaré Hyaluron Effect Softener Mousse

Declaré Hyaluron Effect Softener Mousse

Looking for an extra boost of moisture from your skincare products?

This light and airy mousse adapts to any care routine:

• as an effective substitute for the classic lotion with an added helping of hyaluronic acid

• to activate a serum used next

• as a light and refreshing moisture serum

Instantly endows the skin with 74%* more moisture and maintains a significantly increased level for 24 hours – optimally preparing the skin for the next steps in the skincare routine. A radiant appearance from the outset thanks to a noticeably relaxed and balanced feeling of well-being.

Effective hyaluronic acid in combination with Declaré SRC™ complex and various plant extracts provides instant moisture, wonderful refreshment and revitalisation. Fine lines and wrinkles look reduced and relaxed. For smooth, fresh skin with a new radiance.

Active Ingredients:

  • SRC™ complex

  • Low- and high-molecular hyaluronic acid
  • Ruscus aculeatus

  •  Centella asiatica

  •  Calendula officinalis

  •  Ecotin

  •  Vitamin E

  • Panthenol

Suitable for ALL skin types


  • £34.00