Prevention of COVID-19 Transmission

There is a temporary partition being erected inside the shop currently so take care when coming.

• Only a MAXIMUM of 6 customers may enter the shop at any one time today. This will change in due course.

• Please distance yourself by at least 2 metres when in the shop by standing on the designated ‘X’

• If you have ORDERED a prescription with the doctor, please wait a MINIMUM of 24 hours before contacting the pharmacy

• If you are COLLECTING a prescription, please phone in advance so we can have it ready – this is to minimise the time spent in the shop.


– 028 877 47180
– 028 877 49465

• If there is NO PRESCRIPTION here you will be asked to call back
• If you require advice or a consultation for ailments other than cold symptoms please contact us in advance via telephone

• If you require to purchase a shop item/OTC please have a list ready detailing these to speed up the process and cut down on BROWSING

• Please refrain from touching products and surfaces as much as possible.

• Please use contactless payment as much as possible to reduce handling of money

We at DORMAN HEALTHCARE understand this may slow down normal procedures. Please be patient and work with us so that we may continue to provide our services in a safe environment for both our customers and staff.

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